Cardiff Hendre Lakes is a proposed new business district and sustainable transport hub at the heart of the Cardiff Capital Region.


Located to the south of St Mellons Business Park, bordering Hendre Lake Park, the site for Cardiff Hendre Lakes is allocated for employment use within Cardiff Council’s Local Development Plan.

A catalyst for growth

The project aims to become a catalyst for growth, contributing to the regeneration of East Cardiff and the wider Cardiff Capital Region by attracting high quality businesses and investment.

Employment opportunities

The development has the potential to support around 6,000 jobs, as well as becoming a transport hub that helps people to access other employment opportunities across the region.

Parks and green space

Key features of the proposals include creating ‘Main Park’ – a new, accessible public space to connect St Mellons and the new development.

We hope to bring a variety of benefits to the area, including:

New jobs, skills and investment
High quality business spaces
Better public transport links
Cafes, restaurants and other facilities
Green space for people to visit and enjoy

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