By Nigel Roberts, Cardiff Parkway Developments

As you are likely to be aware, we have proposed plans to develop a new train station in East Cardiff, known as Cardiff Parkway, along with a sustainable, extremely well-connected business district.

The Welsh Government decided to ‘call-in’ the planning permission decision in October 2022, following Cardiff Council’s resolution to grant in April 2022.  Our team has been working hard to address the issues that were raised.  We thought it’s a good time to update you on progress and the current status of the project.

Last week, we presented our case to a planning inspector at a public hearing, along with Cardiff Council and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).  The Inspector also heard the views of other interested parties, with some supporting the scheme and others opposing.  Prior to the hearing there were some concerns raised about how we would deliver part of our environmental mitigation proposals.  We have always done things properly and carefully, so we were able to address these issues by agreeing to have the appropriate experts involved in the approval of the relevant mitigation measures. 

The Inspector also asked for a few more issues to be addressed in writing.  He is hoping to write his report and make a recommendation to the Welsh Ministers by the end of August.  The Welsh Ministers will then decide whether to permit or refuse the development, although they do not have to follow the Inspector’s recommendation.  We are hopeful that a Ministerial decision will be made before the end of the year.

The delays we have endured through COVID and the planning call-in process have been frustrating.  Several people have written to us asking for progress updates, so we know the delays have been frustrating for many of you too. 

We have had encouraging engagement with employers looking for high quality premises that allows for their future growth plans.  They have shown a strong interest in Cardiff Parkway even at this early stage.  We’re confident that we can deliver a place that makes a positive, enduring difference if the scheme is permitted.

We are still fully committed to the delivery of a sustainable, well-connected business district with public transport and active travel at its heart.  The new railway station would be one of the first new stations to be delivered of those recommended by the Burns South East Wales Transport Commission.  Cardiff Parkway will bring better connectivity, new jobs and investment to South Wales.  It will take time to deliver, but it is worth doing, and we remain committed to seeing the project through.

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